Sunday, November 24, 2019

Week 14: Advertisement


With facebook going through its advertisement section you get the option to run the ad continuously or you can choose when to stop the advertisement. With making a special, or having a limited-time option you could choose the advertisement to end at a certain time. This can greatly help your market and eventually make some sales. The other option is making the advertisement run continuously it gives your business more opportunity to reach more people. 

Twitter & Instagram

I have used both of these services throughout the term but I am unable to use either one, a couple weeks ago Marry Me Wedding Designs has gotten hacked, and the only site I was able to fix it on was Facebook so far. Still working with Twitter and Instagram's team to fix this issue.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Week 12: Online Resources

When choosing between two different online resources to help further my business, I really thought it through. One would have to be possibly Yelp. The reason as to why I feel this way is because it gives you a rating from 1 star to 5 stars being the best. It gives people the option to check out my business from others who have used my services for wedding planning. Using this Online Resource it helps show new customers what my business is like before having to make a rush decision.

Another great online resource that I could use would be looking for a meetup group. In wedding planning, there are Wedding Events that have florists, dresses, even venue pop-ups. All great things in one place. Having a pop-up will surely widen my business in many ways. New brides with their mothers and friends come up to the booths, to see different ideas they have for their wedding. Finding out Wedding Planners will be there you get a way to talk to your clients and widen the client base just by being there getting your name out.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Week 10: Category

Making sure to keep going with similar categories to my business. I would make sure I stay close to vendors, food options, alcohol, dresses, suits, flowers making sure I had every possible outreach for my clients.

Week 10: Personal Touch

When adding a personal touch to your social media accounts it is important to interact with your follower base. Whether it be commenting, showing them a give away being one on one with your followers can really help make a difference in sales.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Week 9: Twitter


I couldn't really understand how the list thing worked. So I kind of just left it alone, I don't think it will help me too much since I won't be using twitter as much for this business. 


When searching for who to follow, all I really typed was weddings and many options came up. I followed Martha Weddings, Disney Weddings, and NY Times Weddings each of these gives my business more advantage. The reason is that if I have these options for my brides, it will make planning go a lot simpler. 


When posting wasn't really that difficult I just kept thinking of what the consumers will be attracted too, I've made a post at 1:30pm it seems to grab a lot of attention. Then when I posted around 11am It didn't get as many views. The last time I posted was around 7pm about the same in views to the 11am. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Week 8: What Business Makes it work

What Business Makes It Work?

Jeffree Star Cosmetics 


When scrolling instagram I went to the subheading of Beauty. I noticed first was Jeffree Star Cosmetics. This company is very large. They have about 6.5 million followers. They post closely every day, they have very many comments. Showing differences in what to do with the makeup, different options. Special Promotions, you name it its probably on their Instagram page. 

Calvin Klein


Thinking of fashion my next thought was Calvin Klein. This company is a fashion company, wearing the most expensive but most comfortable clothing. They have about 19.2 Million followers. Many people comment, they post a lot of items, showing off the new seasonal style, as well as shopping links into there visual photos. 



Vera Wang is an amazing artist. Her dresses are fantastic. Such style, elegance, and so much work goes into a dress. She has around 2.4 million followers many people comment and she also has a lot of comments on her page.

Maggie Sottero


She is another Fashion Designer, designing wedding dresses. I was actually shocked to see how low her following was. It was only 252 Thousand Followers. She posts so many elegant wedding dresses, (I've even tried on a few and I absolutely love them) She gets a good amount of likes and comments per picture. 

Week 8: Which Platform?

Which Platform?

Looking through all the social media pages, which two would be the best options would be Youtube and Instagram. But for this class, I will be just focusing on Instagram. It would be the best option so that way you could reach a wider audience. Even though with Marry Me Wedding Designs would also work with Pinterest, since it has to do with weddings, but I see Instagram really pulling through.