Thursday, September 12, 2019

Week 4 Part 2

Websites I frequently use

My life is pretty busy and boring all in one. I have not gone to many websites other than the normal MiraCosta, and the blogger. If I would have to choose however other than those two, It would have to be Amazon. Even though I have been ripped off, and havent gotten some of my packages. I always come back to this website. Why you ask, well I was looking for gifts for my son. He was turning 3 on September 10th, and I wanted to get him something special. I normally always go back to Amazon when looking for gifts, or wanting to purchase some of my favorite food from my home state Michigan. Looking at the amazon website, I wouldn't change much of the design portion to it. It is very easy to navigate to what you are looking for, as well as having the search engine to find exactly what it is you want. To be honest the only thing I would change about this company is how they do their deliveries. Otherwise, it is a pretty fantastic website. 

Another website I frequently use would be, Youtube. I know its a social media thing but whenever I have free time that my place of choice. I always come back no matter what I've been using Youtube for over 16 years. Thinking back on it, that's crazy how time flies! I have a set of Youtubers I watch, that is what really keeps me coming back to the website. The design portion I like, you have the option of dark mode and light mode. Personally, I use the dark mode the most it makes it easier on the eyes. Not much could be really improved with Youtube. 

Week 4 Part 1

Is it good or bad? 

Going onto the website also known as Penny Juice of America is a website used to sell a kids juice drink. Looking at this website, it is porlly made in my opinion. There was no effort given into the making of this website. At the top of the page, it only has three choices to choose from. Home, Children's Juice, and Order. There is no creativity in my opinion. There social media links are just images of their page with links above them. It gives no mystery, or intent to want to click on the images. I believe they should just have the social media icons on the top of there page. That way it makes it easier to find, yet not look so terrible the way they have it. 

On to the next website known as Jami Lin's Passions. Their website is... a bit much in my opinion there are too many things for a purchaser to look at. There isn't a center where you can have the customer look. It is sort of all over the place. One thing I would change is to bring down the random words everywhere, and have somewhat of a simpler approach. Also, change where her social media platform links are. You either have to go to her drop down box to find them all. Or click the blue link above her header. I would make it not so wordy, as well as use the icon links to make it easier to find to get right to her social media pages. I believe for her website to be even better she would need to go through and do these type of changes. 

What makes these so great?

Now I've talked about what's bad about some websites, now its time to talk about some other good websites. Looking at next is known as Headhunter Hairstyling. Clicking onto this website makes everything seem so much simpler it does not overwhelm the consumer nor does it make the consumer confused on how to run the website. The first thing you see is a video giving you some insight into this company. As well as the navigation bar is very simple but yet elegant. There is not too much on the page to make you second guess using this company. You only scroll down shortly to find their social media platforms. Looking at this website and why I chose this one of all the rest is because looking at this makes everything so simpler. I can easily find how to contact them or check out other hairstyles they have done without being overwhelmed with everything on the page. 

Finally, the last website I'll be talking about today would be they are known for there cell phones, computers, watches, and TVs. When coming onto this website you can easily see what is being announced next for their new upcoming. At this moment they are coming out with the iPhone 11. They have there navigation bar perfect. Using the correct font size as well as keeping it simple to use. The design portion is beautiful. It has black, white and a grey colored scheme to make everything really pop. The only thing that is devastating is that their social media platforms are not listed. If they were to add that to their page it would make everything so much simpler. Other than that, everything on the apple website is fantastic. If you are not already an iPhone user you must switch! iPhones are amazing!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Week 3 Part 2:

Traeger Grills -
Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - Pinterest
2 hours     -  2 hours    - 3 hours -  2 weeks - 2 weeks
Traeger Grills use Instagram and Facebook more than the rest. From what I am seeing they are using it well, they have great quality pictures and easily can catch the eye with there captions. I was expecting more for there Youtube and Instagram since they are a company about grills/smokers. I was expecting to see more food related posts. As well as it was very difficult to find there social media links. I had to scroll all the way to the bottom of the website just to find them. They may catch the eye of consumers but I think they need to do better.

Mrs. Fields -
Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest
August 22 - May 30 - 2 years ago
It seems facebook is used the most from the rest. They are not the best at keeping up their social media accounts. I would expect better for a company that's been around for a very long time. I was very disapointed with this company. Looking at there posts, I believe they would suceed further if they would make a Instagram account to show off there cookies, as well as different designs they decorate the cookies.

Target -
Pinterest - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Youtube
8 seconds - 1 hour -  5 hours -  4 hours -  3 weeks
Looking around seeing what they post, they post a lot in multiple times. They use Pinterest and Facebook a lot. Looking at all their social media sites, it is what I expected from them. Looks great, and it catches the eye. Even though this company is mostly retail, I was really happy to see that they update Pintereset a lot. Showing off the different outfits, catching the consumers eyes with the quality of the photos. The only thing I didn't like is that I had to dig just to find there social media accounts it was not visiable for consumers to see.

Primos -
Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - Instagram
August 29 - Feb 5, 18 -  4 years - 6 days ago
Not what I expected. Obviously, they use Facebook and Instagram the most. They use their Youtube account for training videos. Which I believe shouldn't be on the there main website for customers to see. I believe if they would just stay with Facebook and Instagram that would be fantastic. On there instagram page, it shows a lot of intriguing items that makes anyone want to go there.

GreenMedInfo -
Facebook - Twitter - Instagram
August 22 - August 22 -5 hours
They use their social media accounts frequently but the one they use the most would be Instagram. This company is pretty good at keeping up their accounts.  Giving the consumers information they need at that moment. Giving them insite with out even having to go onto their website. Even though they dont keep it up every single day you still get pretty good information with what they post.

Out of all the businesses above each of them had their own faults and different things that did not make sense. Overall, with a little bit more effort in their social media department, they would go farther than just where they are now.

I commented on Lindsay's blog,

Week 3 Part 1:

Have you ever been through an experience with trying to communicate with a business? I have numerous times. Amazon... I've ordered a few things from this company and it magically doesn't get delivered. I then have to contact a customer service representative to try and resolve the problem, either getting my money back or just getting another item shipped out to me. Either way, it's very difficult to go through this process. They tell you sorry, you must call so-and-so in order to get this problem fixed, or they tell you there is nothing they can do to help you. You have no other choice than to file a complaint or go-to Social Media for help.

I've gone to Amazon's twitter page, explained my problem in a tweet. Within a couple hours, I was finally heard. I have gotten a DM from the there company explaining how very sorry they were from this mistake. It took them a couple of hours to fix my problem. Even though I didn't get the product I wanted, I still got my money back. Even though going through their website to contact customer service didn't work. At least my voice through Social Media was.

Even though I've had a few bad experiences with buisness there have been some good ones. I love to eat, obviously, going to a restaurant I wouldn't say I'm the kind of person that always gives reviews or anything. If I have a bad experience I just won't go back, however, if I have a great experience I'll leave a review. I was at a restaurant, sitting down with my boyfriend, we were starving, drove a little out of the way to go to this restaurant I've never been too. Immediately we were greeted with the best customer service I've ever had! After we have eaten and gotten our check the customer service never stopped. We were greeted by the manager along with our server. I've never felt so appreciated by a company before. After my boyfriend and I left, I decided to make a quick yelp review as well as follow the company on Instagram. I sent a direct message to the page explaining how amazing this company was and how good of service my boyfriend and I received. I got a reply within a couple of hours saying how thankful they were that we felt that way.

Thinking back on to all of these options lets say if I had my own restaurant; how would I react to someone giving me a positive comment? Well, of course, I would thank them tremendously and offer a free dessert for the next time they came in. However, we all know that you never only get positive comments there are going to be people that are just un-happy and give you negative comments. With those type of customers, you have to be careful because you never know how it could turn out. With them being so angry it could go viral. Things go viral for less anyhow. Personally, I would give them a free meal, a sincere apology, and ask if there was anything else I could do to make there visit next time even better.

No matter what experience is an experience. You could have a bad one or a fantastic one. It all depends on where, and how the place acts. You could go to the most expensive place and still be treated horribly or go to a mom and pop shop and be treated the same. It all depends, everyone had those days where they do not want to make anyone happy, we have all been there. Who's to say it wouldn't get better in time? Who's to say the server is in an extremely happy mood, and the customer is not. Life in positive or negative experiences all depends on one another. Let us do better by each and every day making someone smile giving that great customer service, going above and beyond for your customer.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Week 2: Part 2

Lindsay Walsh

Week 2 Part 1:

Personal or Business...?

When people ask me, "what do you think is the best social media platform?" and, "If I were to choose one for personal use which would it be?" I had to stop and take a personal look at these questions. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit they each have their own platforms and they all run differently from each other. I started taking a look at all of these options most people use every single one for personal use. It does vary on all platforms, personally in my own life, I use Facebook the most but I also use Instagram. If I really had to choose one to be more towards personal use it would really have to be for Facebook. "Why?" You ask. Well Facebook was first generated for college students to keep in contact, then it moved to a bigger area of the social media spectrum. Facebook is mostly used to speak with family that you really never see or to keep in contact with that friend from elementary school. That is why I think that Facebook is more for personal use than the rest. 

Now, thinking about the business side of social media. I was asked, "Which one seems to be better for a business?" Well, this is a pretty obvious question in my mind. It is clearly Instagram. With Instagram you could do many different things, but one is promoting clubs, restaurants, small and large business. With Instagram there are pictures to show off your items, as well has hashtags. (#)   Hashtags make it so your post goes further than who you tagged, or your followers. It reaches a larger audience.  Don't get me wrong twitter has the same but with twitter there is more writing instead of photos. Photos catch a customers eyes faster than words. Instagram was really made to bring up a business owners audience. 

Keeping on track with Instagram and Facebook. Yes, Facebook is really good for personal use, and maybe some business but the only audience you will catch would mostly be the age of thirty-four and over. Depending on what your selling Facebook doesn't have the options like Instagram to reach more of a broader audience. Now Instagram, you could really use it for personal use and business all in one. You have the option to message your friends as well as to promote your product. Instagram helps owners more than Facebook also. Let me give you an example, my boyfriend runs a fishing club through all areas of social media. The one that is doing the best is the Instagram page. The reason? Well the hashtags, tagging, and the photos are key to making what ever your wanting to promote possible. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Week 1B: Blogs I Commented On

Blogs I Commented On.

Sasha Rhodes

When looking through the discussion they were one of the first to comment, so it made it very easy to comment on! 

Chantel Lewis-Goff

Going to Chantel's page it was as if I walked onto the beach. They're page was so soothing in color, and it was very easy to follow along, without having the bright colors to distract you from they're story.

Anthony Pagatpatan

When stumbling upon Anthony's blog page, I wasn't expecting what I saw. I loved the look of the rustic. Seeing the map water marked into the background really gave it something.